City Gates Academy

Providing high quality education to disadvantaged children

City Gates Academy in Antipolo are a non-profit institution recognized by the Department of Education that was dedicated to provide quality education to the poor and disadvantaged but deserving children in the community for free.

Goals of City Gates Academy 

City Gates aims to provide high quality free education to the most disadvantaged children in Antipolo City and to enable families to contribute to their child’s education by working 12 hours per month at the Academy. This allows both the children and parents to discover a feeling of worth and dignity, which creates a real sense of community. By fostering these relationships it has a lasting impact on the lives of the children and their families, allowing the to be a productive member of society.

Why does ANZA support City Gates Academy?

City Gates believes that children regardless of their financial situation deserve a quality education. This resonates with ANZA, as we believe education is the way to break the cycle of poverty.

How ANZA members have helped City Gates Academy

  • Raised 55,000php to build a undercover area for parents and children at the school entrance.
  • Yearly Christmas party put on with BWA and AWCP. The students are provided lunch followed by a variety of fun games and activities.
  • Weekly ANZA, BWA and AWCP reading program, a group of volunteers would visit the school once a week to sit and read with the children to help build their confidence and literacy abilities.
(This was hugely successful but sadly, since COVID has hit and all schools across the Philippines have been closed this has been put on hold. We hope to resume once the situation improves).

How can you help City Gates Academy?

Be sure to give them a follow or like on their Facebook account:

Donate school supplies. Anything from pens, pencils, notebooks and stationary.

Dry and canned food. For example rice, tinned food, noodles and water bottles

Donations can be directly to the or we can help facilitate, please email

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