ANZA is thrilled to be supporting Fairplay for all Foundation across 2018-2019. Fairplay for all Foundation started out in 2011 in Payatas, Quezon City which is one of the largest and poorest slums in the Philippines. Fairplay started as a drop-in center and Football Club providing kids in Payatas, a safe place to learn, eat and play.

As the name suggests Fairplay aims to level the playing field. They believe in providing ALL children a fair chance. They endeavor to do this by giving their scholars a nurturing environment to grow and learn at their own pace and cooperating with classmates instead of competing with them.

This has now evolved into the Fairplay Academy and Payatas Football (Soccer) Club, an alternative learning center. Fairplay Academy aims to meet the needs of students in the community who have been unable to continue in mainstream schooling. Many of these children are the first in their family to complete high school. Registered with the Department of Education Fairplay focuses on, emotional intelligence and personal growth.

Children are accepted into the program based on 3 criteria:

1. Children who have dropped out of school and cannot afford to attend.

2. The poorest of the poor.

3. Children who have chosen to attend Fairplay over local public school.

Fairplay Academy provides holistic support to their scholars through social, emotional, physical and medical interventions.

Sadly, many children in this community have already experienced emotional and physical abuse in their short lives. Many suffer from TB, malnutrition and parasitic infection. The academy provides scholars annual health checks and ongoing treatment for all medical conditions. Scholars also receive three nutritious meals a day, prepared in the Fairplay café which employs women and mothers living in the Payatas community and thus further supporting the families in breaking free from the cycle of poverty. By providing holistic support, these children have a chance to grow and develop into happy and healthy members of their community.

The Payatas Football Club began with around 80 kids playing barefoot on a basketball court. Now, the team has won over 40 trophies with several players invited to the National Youth Team. Providing the scholars with a safe and supportive environment to play in has seen the kids develop and mature on and off the pitch. The scholars have physical education lessons weekly and soccer matches are played on the weekends.

Fairplay for all foundation aims to build a sustainable, holistic and an empowering environment to solve the root cause of the problems instead of just treating the symptoms and hopefully to break the cycle of poverty for good. ANZA is thrilled to be supporting Fairplay for all Foundation in achieving their goals- on and off the pitch.


For more information about Fairplay For All Foundation and how you can get involved email

Daisy at: mailto:charities@anzamanila.org

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