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Roots of Health is one of the charities that ANZA Manila work with. Every time you attend our events or offer donations, this is just one of the good causes you are contributing towards. 

Roots of Health / Ugat ng Kalusugan (ROH) works to empower women, young people and families in the Philippines to lead healthy reproductive lives by providing rights- and results-based educational and clinical services. ROH seeks to improve the health of women and young people and to reduce the incidence of unplanned pregnancy and HIV. They achieve this by providing accurate sexual health education in schools and universities, partnered with non-judgmental, high quality clinical services, and work with local, regional and national government partners to strengthen systems for sustained change.

Only 27% of high school students knew that jumping up and down after sex doesn't prevent pregnancy. After our intervention, 91% of students knew this.

High-School Education Program

Roots of Health recognizes the need for youth-centered programming. We have an entire team dedicated to young people and teaching. Our Youth Team teaches three main comprehensive sexuality education modules in public and private high-schools and colleges.

Our modules include:

  • Puberty for grades 7 and 8
  • Reproductive health for grades 9 and 10
  • HIV/AIDS for grades 11 and 12.

In 2018, ROH taught over 22,000 high-school and college students.

To support our classes, we also train Youth Advocates (YAs) to provide reproductive health information to their peers, distribute condoms and make referrals to our clinic for services. We have found that young people in Puerto Princesa are most receptive to receiving information about taboo topics from someone their same age and from someone who can empathize with their challenges.

Only 52% of over 7,000 students knew a girl can get pregnant the first time she has sex. After our intervention, 95% of students knew this.

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With your help, Roots of Health can provide services that are greatly needed by the young people in Palawan that we often take for granted:

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