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The Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) contribute to a number of charities in the Philippines, many of which directly benefit sick children and new born babies and their parents. Over the past several years ANZA knitters and sewers have been supplying indigent patients in the Philippine Children’s Medical Centre and the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital with a range of items that are

 both practical and provide comfort and joy.

The work done from these groups provide much needed resources to patients in the hospitals within Manila.The need is overwhelming so ANZA knitters and sewers welcome contributions from members and non-members alike. If you, your friends or maybe someone from your extended family back home, are keen knitters or sewers and interested in contributing or want to know more about any of our projects, please contact the people below.

1. The Sunshine Sewers

This group of ladies sew brightly coloured pillowcases, soft toys and small blankets to give to the children at the Philippine Children’s Medical Centre in Quezon City. The Medical Centre caters for children from infants to 18 years old, many of whom travel from the Provinces to receive specialized care. The pillowcases add some brightness to the wards, and are used by the patients to transport their belongings home at the end of their stay, while the soft animal toys give the little ones something to cuddle in what is often sad times. At the moment we would welcome any suggestions for a small gift that we can sew for the older patients. Our sewers work with cotton fabric usually obtained through donations and resourced purchases from Taytay. We have sewing bees every two months or more if needed and any one is welcome to come along to help out and be part of the fun interaction. A sewing machine is helpful but not essential as there are a number of other jobs that require no sewing. The group aims to do five hospital deliveries in a year so more hands make light work.

Contacts: Maria Nangle michaelmariaangle@gmail.com Gillian Simpson gillsim@outlook.com

2. Sewing Angels

This group sew baby wraps for the underweight / premature babies at the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital (commonly referred to as the Baby Factory) in Santa Cruz. The wraps are an adaption of the Kangaroo pouches concept which are used as substitute incubators for the underweight/premature babies born at the hospital. Their construction is simple and involves straight stitching, virtually hemming top and bottom - what is best described as “a boob tube”. Sewing machines and overlockers are used to make the wraps but help is always welcome in their preparation. The group have ‘sewing sessions’ when needed but the wraps can also be sewn at home at your leisure. The hospital welcomes as many as we can make, so the more helpers the merrier and its appreciated to help keep up with the “high demand”.

Contacts: Cathy cath.dearberg@bigpond.com Gillian sullsim@bigpond.com 

3. Knit Wits

At the moment there is no formal get-together to knit and chat however, there are a large number of ladies from far and wide that keep the needles clicking and the crochet hooks moving to produce hats (especially for premature babies), tiny and large teddies, toys and blankets for the children in both the Philippine Children’s and Jose Fabella Hospitals. For copies of knitting patterns and information about drop-off points for knitted items please contact our coordinator below.

Contact: Nicki maslinjones@hotmail.com

Although these groups work to provide items of needs, we also like to think of them as an opportunity for people with like minded interest who can get together, chat and interact. Who knows, even learn a thing or two .

Donations of time, money and supplies welcome. If you have any surplus new or preloved fabric, wool or sewing supplies, our knitters and sewers will happily take it off your hands.

For those of you that not into sewing or unable to attend any of the group sessions, but would like to help support these worthy causes - the approximate cost of producing a Pillow Case is php 50 and a Baby Wrap is php 37. 

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