Health in the Philippines

COVID-19 Update 

30th January 2020

As of January 30, 2020, several flight operators announced temporary suspension or the reduction of flights on routes serving China amid travel restrictions imposed in the country to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. We advise travellers to defer...

Measles Update 

30th January 2020

Rubeola, more commonly known as Measles, is a viral infection primarily affecting a person’s respiratory system. It spreads through the air via droplets from an infected person. Measles is highly infectious but can be easily prevented through...

Polio Outbreak

4th December 2019

Poliomyelitis, or simply polio, is an infectious disease caused by the poliovirus which affects the central nervous system. The poliovirus is usually spread via the faecal-oral route i.e. when food is contaminated through unhygienic preparation, or...

Dengue Fever Update

30th October 2019

As an Emergency Physician people often ask me if they should get tested for Dengue when they run a high fever. Parents in particular, are naturally concerned about the Dengue outbreak and increasing number of cases in Metro...

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