Childreamers - Tondo, Manila

Providing education and meals to children in Smokey Mountain

In Feb 2014, the Child Dreamers Daycare Center was born out of a vision, a partnership between local Tondo resident Remy and a guest on one of her cultural tours through the Smokey Mountains Two Slum in Tondo. Remy has lived in the area for over 12 years, most of that as a volunteer worker with different agencies attached to youth, women, livelihood and health and is also an early learning educator.

Childreamers provides a safe place for 60 children ages 3-5 years old to learn, receive a nutritious meal and receive additional support to be ready for Grade 1. Enrolment in Childreamers also ensures the parents are eligible for additional government support.

With the support of our members and numerous fundraising events over 2022 and 2023 ANZA have helped transform the Childreamers setting into a much more child friendly and welcoming learning environment. We continue to visit them one Thursday a month and are always happy to have any member come and join us for our visits.

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