Executive Committee Team

Daisy Pope-Brian | Co-President & Charities Coordinator 

Daisy is currently our longest serving ANZA committee member, and says being Charities coordinator has provided her with a great opportunity to get involved in the community and give back to her current home. She took on the additional role as Co-President role with Shakira Snowden in May 2021.

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, she moved to the Philippines in January 2017 for her husband’s job as a civil engineer. In Australia she worked as a registered nurse specializing in Cardiology.

Daisy loves the Philippines and being able to explore the islands, and says it’s taught her and her husband many life lessons; including patience! It also holds a special place in her heart because it’s where they’ve started a family.

Shakira Snowdon | Co-President

Shakira Snowdon became Co-president of ANZA with Daisy Pope-Brien in May 2021, having previously been Treasurer for a short time. Shakira and her husband Glenn moved to the Philippines from Australia several years ago, and have both been based working here since.

As Head of Operations, Philippines, Shakira is the country lead of PSO (Manila), a branch office of parent company Pepper Money, ANZ. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership and is currently finishing her MBA

When not working, Shakira and her husband love to travel. Internationally, when possible, but they also really enjoy visiting the spectacular islands here in the Philippines. They have met many interesting people during their time here, having amazing adventures together. They love really great food, a decent bottle of red wine and singing videoke with good friends.

Sonia Clements | Secretary

Sonia Clements is ANZA Secretary, with a bachelor degree in Nursing and Commerce and a passion for improving business processes. She took on her role to help support both the local community, and ANZA’s members who now call the Philippines home.

Sonia moved from Australia to the Philippines in 2016 with her husband to pursue his career, and has since made the country their home with their two children.

When not writing up minutes, Sonia loves tidying and organising things around the home with her trusty Dymo labeller and making sure her wardrobe is categorized ‘ROYGBIV’ style! Her favourite food is Japanese, especially Sashimi, favourite places in the Philippines are Siargao and Coron.

Kylie Bauquin | Treasurer

Kylie Bauquin is the Treasurer of ANZA. Originally from Melbourne, Kylie was first an expat as a child, when she spent her teenage years in LA. She is an Aussie Sports Physiotherapist with almost 3 decades of clinical experience. She spent many years working in the AFL (Australian Rules Football) as a club physiotherapist and has also worked in private practices in London and Singapore.

Kylie moved to Manila with her French husband and her two young teenage children for her husband’s work in March 2021. She can’t wait to get out and explore all that the Philippines has to offer.

Lauren Venable | Events Coordinator

ANZAs Event Coordinator, Lauren Venables, is using her 12-year career in the hotel industry, most recently as a Director of Catering and Events specializing in conferences and social functions, to help support ANZA and its fundraising.

She moved to the Philippines with her husband from America in 2019 to follow his career, and since then, they have had a son and a daughter here in Manila.

She says her time at university studying International Business prepared her not only for her career, but also for her time in the Philippines as an expat spouse; helping her to understand others’ perspectives and always keep an open mind.

A few of her favorite things are family, friends and meeting new people. She enjoys sampling new and exciting cuisine; loves the beach, mountains, and watching sunsets (especially with a cocktail in hand), and is enjoying learning about the Philippines culture. She is hoping to travel more around the country soon!

Cara O'Connell | Membership Officer

Cara O’Connell is ANZAs Co-Membership Coordinator with Sarah Darby. Previously working within garment production and development for H&M in Bangladesh, she moved to Manila to be with her partner.

Originally from the UK, in between all the different lockdowns, Cara has been loving exploring the Philippines and some of the many hundreds of islands as much as possible, and what she considers are some of the most amazing beaches, reefs and dive spots.

Family and friends aside, Cara really loves chocolate and Turron, diving and snorkeling and travelling to experience new places and cultures.

Sarah Darby | Membership Officer

Sarah Darby is ANZAs Co-Membership Coordinator with Cara O’Connell and produces the newsletter. She left the UK to embark on expat life in January 2020, and arrived in the Philippines from Macau with her partner two weeks before lockdown!

Sarah worked as a journalist, publicist and teacher, and was a volunteer with Girlguiding UK for more than 20 years, so is enjoying being able to work with ANZA to support the community on which she is currently living.

Reading is one of her escapisms, as is her new love of snorkeling which she has discovered since visiting some of the beautiful Philippine coastline. Some of her other favourite things are family, friends, good food and drink, and the sea and sunsets!

Alice Cairn | Social Media Coordinator

Alice Cairn is the newest member of the ANZA committee and is the Communications Coordinator. Alice is Australian and New Zealander and is originally from a small country town in Sydney. She moved here in March of 2022 to support her husbands career and join the new wave of expats coming to the Phillipines. 

Alice is a social worker and previously worked in the child protection system and education in Australia. She also ran a small publication for social workers passionate about decolonising their work.

Alice has fully leant into the 'lady of leisure' lifestyle playing tennis, going on regular weekends away, enjoying many nights out and making life long friendships. She loves meeting new people, growing ANZA's reach in Manila and creating social media posts for ANZA

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