Tiny Blessings

Giving hope through education

Tiny Blessings was started by Kyle Javier after a holiday to the Philippines. Upon observing the poverty and harsh living conditions the street children of Makati were facing, he got to work on creating a foundation to fund the basic needs of some of the children he encountered. The foundation is currently funded by Kyle’s family and friends in the US through individual sponsorship for the children and donations to help with bills such as rent and running costs. Some of the projects ANZA hope to help Kyle and Tiny Blessings with include setting up a more suitable home in Makati, investment in literacy programs for their tutoring service, supporting ongoing school costs for the students and establishing some regular sporting activities for their community.

Goals of Tiny Blessings

Tiny Blessings' mission is to bring tiny blessings to the homeless children of Makati, inspiring love, light and confidence in little ones! Growing up on the streets can be a harsh and difficult experience, and unfortunately, many street children in Manila are unable to access the education they need to break the cycle of generational poverty and build a better future for themselves.

That’s where Tiny Blessings comes in. They work with local partners in Manila to provide educational support, resources, and mentorship to street children, helping them to stay in school and achieve their full potential.

They also assist willing parents with professional development so they are able to better support their children and keep a roof over their heads.

Why does ANZA support Tiny Blessings?

ANZA chose Tiny Blessings as its 2023/24 charity after we saw the amazing work Kyle was doing with tight budgets and little help. ANZA’s goals and vision of our charity work align closely with those of Tiny Blessings making it an excellent choice as a charity for us to support. Our goal is to be committed to giving back to the Philippine community to help better the lives of Filipino men, women and children who do not grow up with the same privileges that others do. ANZA is helping Tiny Blessings provide a positive impact on the lives of children within our community. We are proud of the many opportunities for our members to help on all sorts of levels at Tiny Blessings, either in person working with the children at Tiny Blessings or providing vital behind the scenes work for our fundraising events.

How ANZA is helping Tiny Blessings

Proceeds from our main annual events - the 2024 Grand Ball and Cheese & Wine evenings are going to a range of worthwhile projects, as shown here:

Additionally we are operating volunteer days whereby some members are donating their time and skills to provide further enrichment to the Tiny Blessings kids.  This includes weekday visits at school and escorting the kids to church on Sunday. 

How can you help Tiny Blessings?

You can volunteer your time in a range of activities at Tiny Blessings on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Email charities@anzamanila.org to find out more and to register your interest.

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