Dr Jose Fabella Hospital

Supporting one of the busiest maternity hospitals in the world 

Dr Jose Fabella Maternity Hospital in Santa Cruz, Manila is the National Maternity Hospital more commonly referred to as “baby factory” and is ground zero to the overpopulation crisis across metro Manila. With over 150 births per day, no other hospital in the country has a higher birth. With overcrowding and limited resources means 4 or 5 mothers and babies share 2 single beds pushed together.

Why does ANZA support Dr Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital?

ANZA is passionate about providing care and support to the mothers, babies and medical staff at Dr Jose Fabella. The hospital does the best it can with limited resources, government funding to provide labouring mothers, and newborn babies the care they require.

How ANZA members have helped Jose Fabella?

ANZA and Jose Fabella have had a long-standing relationship, providing the mothers with premature babies a kangaroo care wrap to encourage skin-to-skin contact. And purchasing newborn nappies and doing donation drives for newborn item.

The Kangaroo care is a technique where the premature baby is placed in an upright position on its mother's (or father’s) bare chest allowing skin-to-skin contact and the baby's head is turned so that its ear is positioned above the mother's heart.

Some of the benefits of kangaroo care are:

  • Stable heart and respiratory rates
  • Improved oxygenation
  • Mood settled sleep
  • Increased appetite
  • Improved bonding with the baby
  • More rapid weight gain

Kangaroo care is a proven technique that improves a premature baby’s health and overall development.

How can you help Jose Fabella?

Donate the cost of a Kangaroo wrap. Each wrap costs roughly 130php and we make and deliver 300 per year to the hospital.

Donate newborn nappies, baby clothing and other newborn items

Donations can be facilitated by Daisy, our charities officer, please email charities@anzamanila.org

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