Christmas Present Donations 2020

National Children's Hospital - Quezon City, Manila

Every year, ANZA Manila promote the donation of gifts to the children spending their Christmas in the National Children's Hospital in Quezon City. 

So many members and friends gave all manner of gifts (and cash to purchase more) to the cause of which we are so thankful. 

Usually we invite members along to bring the gifts with us, unfortunately this year had to be an exception so instead we invited members to come help us wrap all the gifts during a coffee morning.  

Once everything was wrapped, our tenacious charities officer Daisy Pope-Brien set sail for the hospital in Quezon City to deliver all the wrapped gifts. 

The hospital staff took a few pictures so we could see the happy faces that all of your donations created.

Thanks to everyone who donated a gift, their time or funds towards this cause. A Merry Christmas to you all indeed. 

Should you want to donate or help out for the 2021 Christmas gift donation, please contact: 

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