Kimbo's Column: I’ve gotten fat over lockdown

28 Apr 2021 9:40 AM | Anonymous

I’ve gotten fat over lockdown. My pants feel tight. I’m eating more and moving less. Due to coronavirus, my summer body will be postponed until 2022 (at least). Thank you Food Panda.

But let’s put this in perspective: a year’s worth of exercising less and stress-eating more isn’t a disaster. And that’s the point — gaining weight isn’t fun, but it isn’t a disaster.

Despite the fact we are going through an unprecedented pandemic, the prevailing message on social media right now is that we’re somehow supposed to be “making the most” of our time spent in lockdown. Write that novel! Organise your closet! Bake bread! Get fit!

Now, I don’t blame anyone for taking up a hobby in order to distract themselves. You can only have so many conversations with your dog until you begin to feel completely deranged. But that last one—the idea that we should be using all this “extra time” to lose weight, or at least not gain any—moves beyond feeling productive and gives into that societal fear I thought we were finally, thankfully, moving past: Getting “fat.”

So many worse things can happen. At a minimum, I could get a bad case of Covid-19, or someone close to me could get a bad case of Covid-19. I’m trying to practice self-compassion. As much of a broken record this must sound like by now, I will say it again: we are not living in normal times.

Besides, stress is bad for your immune system. For once, we shouldn’t feel guilty about relaxing, even if the relaxing comes with a side of gelato (I’m looking at you Farmacy). If it’s done in moderation and helps lower our stress, I say go for it.

Occasionally I fear that I’m treating the pandemic too much like a holiday. I have the privilege of working from home, so I spend most days in pajamas, on my bed, in a climate-controlled cave. I fear that I’ll get lazy and unmotivated from a year of doing, well, not much.

And I won’t know how true my fear is until I get vaccinated and live somewhat normally again. Yet, I’m also trying to be optimistic. I find myself dreaming about the holidays we will, hopefully, take in 2022. Bring it on.

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