Kimbos Column: You have to laugh

28 May 2021 12:01 PM | Anonymous

It feels as if perhaps the art of black comedy should make a comeback. Life seems so overwhelmingly & relentlessly serious (Groundhog Day anyone?)

And of course, it is serious: we are in the midst of a pandemic which is hopefully the major event of our lifetimes.

But it doesn’t mean that the pressure can’t be relieved with a bit of dark humour. I’ve personally been re-watching the Monty Python classics: “He's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!”

One problem is that jokes don’t really work on Zoom. They need a reaction — something that is lacking if everyone is on mute, with their cameras off and only half listening because they are juggling work with home schooling. Is anyone else drinking wine out of a tea mug too?

That’s not to say that videoconferences can’t be funny. It’s hard to forget the guy whose children so memorably gatecrashed his tv interview or the lawyer stuck behind a zoom filter who had to explain to the judge that no, he wasn’t a cat.

Something that has helped me is finding funny people online amid the doom scrolling. If you haven’t seen them, I would highly recommend, among others, the hilariously on point @hurrahforgin, @loic.suberville who never fails to crack me up and the fantastic people singing cover versions of popular songs in the new pandemic context including @officialchrismann & @randyrainbow

Humour at its best is resilience. And it connects us — even though we still aren’t able to stand around joking together at parties, we can at least laugh together online. So I’m off to do a family lockdown boogie (link: & pray for school to go back ASAP ⭐️

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