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31 May 2021 12:47 PM | Anonymous

The ANZA Manila membership fee is often a topic of discussion amongst all of our stakeholders, particularly our members and executive committee. We have come to a decision to move away from the one size fits all membership and migrate to a variety of access and benefit membership levels. You will begin to notice these effects come into place very soon. Here are the key takeaways:

Multi-Level Membership

Our member base is diverse in their own structures. Some are individuals, some our couples whereas others are companies or organizations. Individuals typically like to participate in our events and get discounts through our partners whilst the companies like to leverage our reach in the community, so it seems foolish to not create options for all.

So moving forward, we will have four membership options. Individual, Couple, Pro Business Sponsor and Elite Business Sponsor:

Individual – ₱2,000

This is almost identical to our current level of membership. You will have continued access to our partner discounts and special offers, complimentary and discounted access to events, access to our private Facebook and Whatsapp group, submission of articles to our platform and contribution to the running of ANZA and the charities we support.

Couple - ₱3,500

This level offers exactly the same as the individual membership but allows for two members at a discounted rate.

Pro Business Sponsor - ₱10,000

Aimed at small businesses, 5 members can be included with all the benefits of an individual membership plus inclusion of advertorials, brand exposure on our website, social media posts, inclusion in our monthly newsletter, corporate charity opportunities and a fancy framed certificate.

Elite Business Sponsor - ₱40,000

Aimed at larger businesses, 15 members can be included in the membership as well as all the benefits from the Pro Business Sponsor but in far increased quantity.

Full details of all the inclusions across four membership levels can be seen here:

Increased Base Fee

You will have noticed that our membership fee for an individual member has increased by 25%. Whilst 25% is a significant increase when displayed as a percentage, in real figures this works out at around 14AUD/15NZD per annum or around 4 cents per day.

There are two drivers for the price increase:

  • 1.       Increased platform fees from Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is the platform that hosts our website, members, events, blogs and financials. They focus on non-profits and have just increased their fees.

  • 2.      Incorporation of a direct donation into our membership fee

We felt it was important for members to feel the contribution to one of our supported charities every time they renew their membership. That’s why there is a percentage of our member fee, across all four levels, that is a direct donation to one of our charities.

We hope you support us in the adoption of our new membership structure. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Corporate Sponsors

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