Kimbo's Column: The Power of Putting on Some Mascara and Lipstick

01 Aug 2021 12:11 PM | Anonymous

Nobody planned to spend quite so much of the past 18 months staring at their own reflection.

With everything from work meetings to weddings forced online our bid to stay connected has meant being constantly confronted with our own #zoomfaces.

And there’s a big difference between sharing a filtered selfie on Instagram, and catching yourself slumped in front of the screen, your kids fighting in the background as you stare in horror at your dark circles. What with the unflattering lighting & unforgiving camera angles it’s no wonder we’re sick of the sight of ourselves. I never knew I had so many chins.

But what effect does it have on our self-esteem? And can we do anything to boost it?

After multiple decades working in fashion and beauty, I understand the power of putting on some mascara and lipstick. I had just chosen not to in the pandemic, and that’s ok.

For some people putting makeup on will give them a sense of control given what’s going on outside is uncontrollable. And that’s ok.

There is no right answer when it comes to how to approach beauty in these pandemic times. If it doesn’t feel right for you right now, that’s fine. But if it does? It can be a coping strategy for people to feel a sense of normalcy. And that’s ok.

A few carefully selected products can make you feel pulled together with minimal effort. I haven’t been out of a pair of track pants (see June article) for a very long time, and maybe we’re looking at our makeup in the same way we look at our clothes now: comfortable to wear and easy to take off.

So it’s about time I pull out some of my favorite lipsticks again. And rock a pair of heels. In my track pants :)

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Kimberly Fisher Horan is an Australian Fashion Editor, Stylist & Writer based in Manila Philippines. Co-Founder of Sitara Vintage & founder of TPNW shoes

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