Kimbo's Column: I’ve had it up to hair!

02 Sep 2021 12:22 PM | Anonymous

As I sit here trying to come up with content that will, at the very least, entertain you lovely readers, all I can think about is my bloody hair. The stuff on my head, not down below. I’ll deal with that another day.

Why am I fixated on my tresses?

Because I’m bored out of my friggin’ brain and I need something to fixate on. I was bored yesterday. I’m bored today, and if experience holds true, I’ll be bored again tomorrow. Groundhog Day continues.

My hair is blonde. Not natural since my early teens. I vary between caramel & platinum, depending on what salon I’ve frequented, and I’m even lucky enough to sometimes sport a lovely shade of green (I know you’re jealous). I’m sporting some pretty interesting roots & greys at the moment. Being a blonde living in Asia can be an interesting (read: frustrating) experience. I know there are a lot of us here in Manila in the same (sinking?) boat.

I long for shimmering, surfer-girl highlights (I also long for my Sydney colourist). The fantasy of having sun-kissed locks and tanned skin, “seasoned” by the tang of saltwater. A gin and tonic followed by a sweaty tumble on a deserted beach with a not-so-bright cabana boy. We are in a pandemic: I’m allowed to fantasise (sorry hubs).

A couple of problems: I’m nowhere near an ocean and I don’t tan. Melanomas: Not good. And as for the rest of it… well I’ve been married for 20 years.

Back to my hair. I’m regressing where my locks are concerned. I really want those sexy highlights. And why not? That particular fantasy is at least slightly (possibly) attainable?

You remember Sun-In, don’t you? (Flashback to the 80s when my hair was orange & snapping off) Guess what: it still exists! And thankfully there are some new products & potions that are similar in that they contain a smidgen of peroxide, along with chamomile and other “natural lightening” ingredients.

I must sound terribly bored to be going on about my hair like this. And (shocker), I am! I just want to do some stupid stuff… Maybe take an online course in taxidermy, or sew little outfits for my 5 years old's stuffed toys or watch YouTube videos of people speaking in tongues. Or use Sun-In.

So if you see me walking though BGC wearing a hat, you know what happened. Wish me luck!

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Kimberly Fisher Horan is an Australian Fashion Editor, Stylist & Writer based in Manila Philippines. Co-Founder of Sitara Vintage & founder of TPNW shoes

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