Kimbo's Column: Has anyone ever died from laughing too hard?

06 Oct 2021 7:53 AM | Anonymous

My favourite thing to do is laugh. I like to do it regularly. I highly recommend it.

I was laughing so hard last weekend I was brought to tears.

That sort of laughter where you think you’re about to stop breathing. Then I started thinking: Has anyone ever died from laughing too hard? (I know I have a weird brain). Onto google I go: “Instances of death by laughter have been recorded from the times of ancient Greece to modern times.” Sure, my fourteen year-old nephew may have added this entry, but it’s still there! (God love Wikipedia)

If you’re interested in reading it:

Have you heard about the “funniest joke in the world”? It’s a Monty Python sketch revolving around a joke that is so funny that anyone who reads or hears it promptly dies from laughter.

Check it out: 

Comedy at its finest.

Yes, yes, AND procrastination at its finest. It’s a skill I’ve been honing. Especially during the pandemic.

Looking up new useless information.

I'm pretty much an expert.

My proven method can inspire you to longer & longer periods of procrastination: Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Why watch an endless loop of Karens in the Wild when you can engage your mind in your procrastinating ways too?

I wracked my brain to find inventive procrastination tools. And I stumbled upon genius. I stood in front of my full-length mirror, and recited “Don’t cry for me Argentina” (the Madonna version) in the voice of Elmo. “What an amazing way to spend valuable time!” I said to myself.

I resolved to put my writing aside, and discover new, inspiring ways to procrastinate. Luckily, I took creative steps to eat away hours of my writing time. These methods are failsafe, so I thought I’d altruistically share them with others. You’re welcome.

And then it hit me. I hadn’t spent any time scrolling through social media! That perfect time sucking pastime: Insta, Facebook, tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter. Perfection. I’m a reigning queen of procrastination! How could I have let such a noble endeavor slip away?

And thus the never ending loop of my pandemic days continue……….


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