How many times do you have do a throat swab to lose your gag reflex. Asking for a friend.

05 Nov 2021 2:41 PM | Anonymous

But seriously how many COVID tests have you had? I’ve lost count but I think somewhere in the region of 15. How bizarre is this life we are living that I have now come to relish the thought of a swab up my nose as it usually means I’m going to the beach. Pavlovian theory at its finest.

I’m writing this column from Puerto Galera where I’m glad to say the adults didn’t need to have COVID tests but we had the fun experience of getting all the kids to spit in test tubes for theirs. Drive thru style. What says fun more than a car full of under 7’s spitting in tubes. Party on.

And in my #itonlyhappensinthephilippines diaries: I asked my hairdresser for purple toning shampoo for blonde hair & they gave me purple shampoo. As in, I just dyed my hair violet. The fun never stops.


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