ANZA in Wonderland....but what to wear to the Ball?!

20 Dec 2022 6:53 AM | Anonymous

Hurrah, the ANZA Ball is back! My name is Ann Cuatico and I’m a designer and I’ve enjoyed making gowns, dresses, suits and tuxedos for the ANZA Ball for more than a decade, and am happy to introduce (and re-introduce) myself to ANZA’s new and existing members in this newsletter.

I’ve actually been designing and making clothes with my team since 1997. As a designer, I enjoy the gift of being able to make something specifically for someone, something unique that gives pleasure and confidence to the wearer which is stylish but comfortable too. I also enjoy collaborating, and inviting clients to try different looks from one’s usual, and, with separates especially, how to incorporate things with existing wardrobes. I’ve actually just finished putting together a wardrobe of clothes and accessories for a schoolmate who’s been getting some buzz as an Oscar leading actress contender since their film won the Palme D’Or at Cannes. It’s been really fun especially planning how my designed pieces can mix and match for different looks for the different events she’ll be attending in Toronto, New York and London.

I love what I do and am so fortunate that throughout the years, a lot of my clients and I actually develop long relationships that continue even when work takes them to another country. Throughout the years, clients have left, but I’ve been blessed that in some cases fate brings them back to Manila and they look me up to make clothes for them again. And, since I design for women, men and children (and the occasional pet and stuffed toy), I often get to make clothes for the rest of the family, and visiting relatives and friends too: I’ve actually made wedding gowns, ball and prom dresses, suits, etc for folks not based here all because it started with my making something special for someone or because a friend of someone kindly recommended me.

The ANZA Ball has always been one of my favourite events to design clothing for because the themes are always fun and interesting, the men and women who go are usually open to looking fab and dressed up for the event, and this ball has always been one of the most eagerly awaited ones every year in Manila. I’m as excited as many of you likely are, waiting to hear what this ball’s theme will be. And because I’ve always had a great relationship with ANZA, I’m happy to say I’ll be giving a 10% discount to ANZA members to have their outfits made by me for the ball.

I’m so looking forward to hopefully meeting a lot of you soon. My cell number is +63 917 848 0661 and I’m on WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram also. Here are a few photos I have of things I’ve made from some of the past ANZA Balls:

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