2022 - A look back at how ANZA has helped Childreamers so far...

20 Dec 2022 7:01 AM | Anonymous

Childreamers is ANZA’s chosen charity for 2022-2023 year.

Established in 2015, in Temporary Housing, Barangay 105, Zone 8 Tondo, Childreamers aims to provide basic pre-school education to 45 three-five year old children to prepare them for more complex learning in the future.

All of these children belong to the most impoverished families whose incomes are derived mostly from scavenging, as well as working as labourers in the port area.

The Early Childhood Development Curriculum covers numbers, alphabet, colours, shapes, play time, storytelling and hygiene education. Students are divided in 2 groups: 8am-10am and 10am-12noon. Apart from their lessons the children are also part of a feeding program, providing them with at least one nutritious meal per day - a luxury most children in that community do not get.

Looking back over the past 8 months working with Childreamers, it has been so heartwarming. We’ve managed to achieve a mind-blowing amount in the community in such a short space of time and it’s all thanks to each and every one of you…our ANZA members.

Many of you have purchased tickets and attended our events, purchased raffle tickets and Christmas angels. By doing this you have helped us raise more than 210,000php. This money has been able to almost entirely renovate Childreamers, purchase new school supplies, provide each child a hygiene kit, restart the feeding program and assist with daily running costs.


      Isolation and roof repairs 72,000php

      Hygiene kits 5,500php

      Waterproofing 4,000php

      Toilet repairs

      Restarted feeding program 50php per child per day

      School supplies and blackboard paint 5,000php

      Toilet and kitchen drainage- 14,560php

      Electrical rewiring- 37,375php

      Bluetooth speaker- 2,000php

Our charity volunteers are donating their time and energy to our weekly visits to the center, which are the highlight of the week for the kids. The volunteers prepare games, activities and bring supplies to encourage the kids to listen, interact, and engage by creating a safe and fun learning environment. When we first begun the visits the children were very shy and unsure about us but after months of going our volunteers have established a close bond and rapport with the kids, teachers and parents at Childreamers. We look forward to continuing in 2023.

We’ve achieved amazing things for Childreamers in 2022 and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the difference we’ve been able to make.

BUT… there’ still so much more we can do for Childreamers and the Tondo community which we plan to achieve in 2023.

Our 2023 goals with Childreamers

      Fence back of kitchen- 127,200php

      Replace kitchen sink and flooring- 78,730php

      Repair toy library

      Continue feeding program 50php per child per day

      Ongoing running costs 20,000php per month 

Thank you again!





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