Over the past several years ANZA knitters and sewers have been supplying indigent patients in the Philippine Children’s Medical Centre and the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital with a range of items that are both practical and provide comfort and joy.

The work done from these groups provide much needed resources to patients in the hospitals within Manila. The need is overwhelming so ANZA knitters and sewers welcome contributions from members and non-members alike. If you, your friends or maybe someone from your extended family back home, are keen knitters or sewers and interested in contributing or want to

The Sunshine Sewers

This group of ladies sew brightly coloured pillowcases, soft toys and small blankets to give to the children at the Philippine Children’s Medical Centre in Quezon City. The Medical Centre caters for children from infants to 18 years old, many of whom travel from the Provinces to receive specialized care.

The pillowcases add brightness to the wards, and are used by the patients to transport their belongings home at the end of their stay, while the soft animal toys give the little ones something to cuddle in what is often a sad time. The older patients are given a small toiletry case with donated hotel or aeroplane amenities so please take them next time you’re on holidays.

Our sewers work with cotton fabric usually obtained through donations and resourced purchases from Taytay. We have sewing bees every two months or more if needed and any one is welcome to come along to help out and be part of the fun interaction. A sewing machine is helpful but not essential as there are a number of other jobs that require no sewing. The group aims to do five hospital deliveries in a year so more hands make light work.

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